Proxy Workbench has the following features

New features in version 1.2:

  • Connection failure simulation strategies allow you to simulate: (see screen shot below)
    - Slow or asymmetric Internet connections (bandwidth throttling)
    - Servers that are underpowered, overloaded or under attack (connection refusal)
    - Intermittent connections (connection termination)
    - Disconnected network cables (connection dangling)
    - Data floods and droughts
  • Natively handles HTTPS (secure sockets) and POP3
  • Real time logging of data. All events are logged to a CSV format ready for advanced analysis with a database or spreadsheet.
  • Animated system tray icon unobtrusively indicates data flow

Proxy Workbench Features:

  • Graphical Proxy Server
  • Data is displayed in real time. Data can be color coded to indicate its direction. The real time data can optionally include comments about its arrival time and source.
  • The connection diagram provides an animated graphical representation of the life of a socket connection so that problems can be readily identified and analyzed.
  • Native ability to analyze HTTP, FTP, SOAP, Web services and ‘Pass through’ communications.
  • Pass Through mode allows the analysis of protocols like POP3 and SMTP where the destination server does not readily change. This is also used to analyze database and RPC communications.
  • All of the data can be saved to either a raw binary file, log file or a HTML based connection diagram.
  • The ‘data purge’ settings allow fine tuning for the amount of data Proxy Workbench stores in memory before it is freed.
  • The data can be presented in one of 5 formats: ASCII, Hexadecimal, Octal, Decimal or Binary.
  • You can individually manage the ports that Proxy Workbench monitors and listens on and dynamically allocate a protocol handler to these ports.
  • Socket processing exceptions are presented in a separate error window for quick analysis.
  • Proxy Workbench can be run as a sys-tray application that runs at startup or as a standard desktop application.
  • Proxy Workbench can be configured to ‘stay on top’ of all other windows to allow for detailed analysis of its data.
  • Easy configuration:


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